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Most Frequently asked questions

How are Gazebos and Bali Huts measured?

We measure them from the outside of a beam to the outside of a beam. Then there’s the shade area where the roof overhangs. The multisided Gazebos are designed from point to point – so the measurement of 3.5 meters or whatever size the Gazebo is, is measured point to point.

Are the gazebos & Bali huts made to Australian Building Standards?

YES. In addition, they can also be made to cyclone rating, which is a particular benefit if you live in cyclone rated regions of Australia.

What colours and shapes are your Bali Huts and Gazebos available in?

We have a range of standard sized Bali Huts and Gazebos, in increments of 0.5m, i.e. 3x3m, 3×3.5m and larger. Coastwide Gazebos & Bali Huts Colorbond roofing is available in all the standard colours, and in most cases, subject to the model you buy, you can choose your own stain colour.

What warranty do I receive with your gazebos and Bali huts?

We have a 7-year structural warranty, plus a 25-year warranty against termites and rotting.

What types of Gazebo and Bali Hut accessories do you have to customise my order?

You can have your Gazebo or Bali Hut order customised with almost anything you want. This can include, but is not limited to, timber decking and handrails.

What types of roofing do you have?
For us, having quality roofing is paramount, which is why we only use high quality traditional Bali Thatching, Asphalt tile or hardwearing and attractive Colorbond.
What’s the difference between thatched roofing compared to Colorbond?
The lifespan of the Bali thatch varies depending on the climate and conditions where it is situated. The Bali thatch is also a natural grass, so it will last longer in dryer climates than damper climates, but in general terms the grass Bali hut thatched roofing will last anywhere between 8-10 years.
What shapes of posts do you have?

Coastwide Gazebos & Bali Huts supplies round and square posts in varying sizes. In addition, while posts are included as standard with your Bali Hut or Gazebo Kit, there may be times when you need longer posts if you are putting your Gazebo on sloped land for example, which is why we have posts in a variety of lengths.

Are the Gazebo or Bali Hut Kits hard to put up?

If you can put together flat pack furniture, you can easily erect one of our Bali Huts or gazebos in about two days with two to three people using the how-to information guide that comes with your Bali Hut or Gazebo. Of course, not everybody is great at assembling flat pack furniture, and you may just not have the time, so we can arrange installation for you in most regions. If you’d like us to arrange installation, just let us know at the time of your enquiry or order.

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