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At Coastwide Gazebos and Bali Huts we sell DIY backyard gazebos and DIY Bali Hut kits at ridiculously low prices. DIY and save!

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Our DIY backyard gazebo and DIY Bali hut kits are not hard to install. It’s quite straight forward and a great opportunity to get some mates together for a weekend to lend a hand! All you have to do is own some basic tools and follow the easy to follow instructions and screw the kit together. Some trimming and cutting may be required depending on the roof type you choose.

Most kits can be put up in one to two days for someone who has limited skills and mates to help. They are designed to be easy and pain-free to put up.

Click here for instant Pricing and a FREE Product Guide to avoid getting stuck with a lemon!


Reasons why you should invest in a DIY backyard gazebo or DIY Bali Hut kit.

  • To feel that sense of satisfaction when you look at what you’ve created and the pride when entertaining visitors when you tell them you’ve constructed it yourself. No doubt you will have envious friends and/or family who will choose to create something wonderful in their own backyard once they’ve seen yours! (They may even rope you into helping with theirs also)
  • The financial benefit of investing in a DIY backyard gazebo or DIY Bali hut gives you freedom to do what you want with that extra cash. It may mean you’re able to purchase a gazebo or Bali hut which would otherwise fall outside your budget. You may be able to increase the size of your gazebo, include upgrades you otherwise couldn’t afford or you may be able to use those extra funds to add other features to your outdoor area to complete the picture!
  • To be able to learn new skills or recall previous skills you don’t get to use as often anymore. Keeping in mind that assistance is only a phone call away…one of our licensed carpenters is available to speak with if you get stuck. All our DIY kits come with detailed instructions, pictures & labelled pieces. You’ll get one of these babies up in half the time of a Swedish flat pack.
  • The choice is all yours…our DIY kits come in a variety of sizes, styles, roof types etc but that’s only the beginning of your choice. Depending on what you choose to use your Bali hut or backyard gazebo for, you could add your own flair with complementary plants / gardens / deck / pavers / privacy screens / water feature/ decorative fence panelling / bamboo screening the list goes on! What would you call your special area? Would it be used for Friday afternoon drinks or a Sunday session, family space, yoga / meditation, a bbq area, or reading nook?
  • If you DIY we can generally get your gazebo to you within a few weeks which means that there will be no extended lead time waiting for our installation team to slot you in, you could be well on your way to enjoying your outdoor area sooner.

Of course, not everybody is great at assembling flat pack furniture, or you may not have the time, so we can arrange installation for you in most regions.

Avoid getting stuck with a lemon!

With this Free Bali Hut and Gazebo Guide we’ll show you a guaranteed way to get the best price, and how to avoid getting stuck with a lemon!

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A Bali Hut or Gazebo is an investment in your home, lifestyle or business. Buying one can be an exciting experience or an extremely frustrating and costly one, depending on who you’re buying your gazebo or Bali hut from. 

This guide has proven invaluable in helping homeowners, trade and retail services and businesses avoid some of the costly mistakes when buying a Bali hut or gazebo.


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