Our beautiful Australian weather means we spend a lot of time outdoors, entertaining, enjoying the morning sun, or just chilling out after a long day. That also means we want our outdoor areas to reflect our personal taste and lifestyle. Patios and verandas can only do so much, and you’re limited to relaxing or entertaining near your home or business, but with a free-standing gazebo or Bali hut, you can let your imagination go wild.

At Coastwide Gazebos & Bali Huts, we have a wide range of Bali huts for that tropical resort feeling all year round, Colorbond gazebos for strength, durability and aesthetic, cedar shingle gazebos, and multisided gazebos that can all be customised to perfectly suit your property and your lifestyle. Purchase a kit with easy instructions for building a gazebo roof yourself, or let us arrange for a professional gazebo builder to do it for you.

Colorbond Gazebo

Our durable and attractive Colorbond gazebos are perfect for adding a touch of class to any outdoor area. Choose from 22 different colours to match or contrast with your home or business, as well as a range of sizes and customisable features.

Bali Hut

Thatched roof Bali huts are always a popular option and a talking point with your guests. If you’ve ever been on a tropical beach holiday, you’ll remember how relaxing it was to just sit and chill. Now you can enjoy the same feeling any time you want with our stunning range of Bali huts in different sizes and with features to suit your needs.

Billy's Lookout

Multisided Colorbond Gazebo

Like the old-fashioned bandstands you can still see from time to time, a multisided Colorbond gazebo provides another way to show your personal style and flair. With open sides and a pitched roof, just like the Colorbond gazebo, the multisided gazebo is perfect for enjoying all year round. Both styles of Colorbond gazebos can be used for many purposes and the space within the roof can be customised with lights or fans.

Cedar Shingle Gazebo

For a stylish gazebo with a more natural look, you can’t go past our attractive cedar shingle gazebos. Built using Canadian cedar for strength and looks, you can choose from a range of sizes and options to make your gazebo reflect your taste and style.

Gazebo Builder – Central Coast

For further information about where to buy gazebos and our range of products and prices, call us on 1300 101 579 or contact us online.