The Advantages & Benefits Of Coastwide Gazebos & Bali Huts

We know there are plenty of gazebo and Bali hut kit wholesalers, retailers or suppliers for you to choose from locally, nationally and internationally.

And while all our gazebos and Bali huts have many benefits, such as being made to Australian standards, the luxury of being able to purchase ours wholesale or retail, and that we supply the complete service, we have something else many of our competitors do not.

Many of our competitors focus exclusively on price, so they’re constantly dropping their prices, but that also results in them having to drop the quality and service to you.

While price is just as important to us as it is you, it’s how we think, act and what we do that makes us a leading wholesale and retail gazebo and Bali hut kit supplier in Australia.

Our service isn’t about selling gazebos or Bali huts.

It is about you and every other customer we have, be it homeowner, resort franchise, developer, theme park and other trade, retail and commercial customers we serve.

Of course, owning your own gazebo or Bali hut has many advantages and benefits. There’s no limit to the uses for your Bali hut or gazebo, and some of the advantages and benefits you’ll experience and can look forward to are:

  1. Trade Services & Bulk Order Wholesale & Retail Specialists

    Thanks to our decades of experience, we sell Bali huts and gazebos both wholesale and retail.

    So whether you want one Bali hut or gazebo for your home or a bulk order for your holiday park, residential or commercial development or resort, we have the range, price and experience to supply what you need on time and on budget.

  2. Create an amazing outdoor area

    One of the best things we can do is to set aside leisure time for ourselves, and nothing helps you, your loved ones, guests or clients relax more than a gazebo or Bali hut.

  3. Extensive Warranties

    Unlike many of the Bali hut and gazebo retailers you’ll find with little or no warranty, all of our gazebos and Bali Huts have a 10-year structural warranty, and 25-year warranty against rot and termites.

  4. Cyclone Rated Bali Huts & Gazebos

    If you live in cyclone regions of Australia, such as Broome & Port Douglas, it’s important you and your family, guests and customers are safe.

    So, if you want some added protection to insure the investment you’ve made, consider one of our cyclone rated Bali huts and gazebos.

    Doing so will reduce the chances of your Bali hut or gazebo being destroyed when Mother Nature unleashes her fury during cyclone season.

  5. Finished To Australian Standards

    Another advantage you’re guaranteed with our products, as opposed to other Bali huts and gazebos on the market, is that all our gazebos and Bali huts are constructed and finished to meet Australian building standards, so you receive peace of mind and a top-notch quality product.

  6. Bali Hut & Gazebo Thatched, Shingle & Colourbond Roofing, Flooring & Handrails

    One of the core beliefs we hold is that our gazebos and Bali huts must add value to our commercial and residential customers’ lives, properties or businesses.

    This is why we insist on using only the best quality Bali hut accessories and thatch, Canadian cedar shingle and Colourbond roofing, which can be matched to suit your home or business’s guttering if you’d like it to.

  7. Self-Install Or Let Us Arrange Installation For You

    If you can put together flat pack furniture, you can easily erect one of our Bali huts or gazebos in about two days with two to three people using the how-to guide which comes with your Bali hut or gazebo.

    Of course, not everybody is great at assembling flat pack furniture, and you may just not have the time, so we can arrange installation for you in most regions.