Is your outdoor sanctuary needing a bit of a spring clean?

Bali Hut starting to look a little primitive rather than on trend?

Beginning to look a little lacklustre?

Billy's Lookout thatched roof Bali Hut

What better way to freshen up your garden & bring back your Bali Huts’ glory than by giving it a new roof.
Perhaps the time has slipped away from you; forgetting the instructions to rethatch the roof of your Bali hut given to you 5yrs ago… perhaps it was 10yrs… perhaps you weren’t even told. Time to get that Summer body back 😉

Often with DIY Bali huts, substandard or inexperienced installers there is little to no follow up after your initial purchase. At Coastwide Gazebos we recommend an inspection after 5yrs to assess the wear of your thatching.
The longevity of your roof could depend on a variety of factors such as quality of materials, workmanship, & weather conditions in your location.

Why choose Coastwide Gazebos to assess & quote your rethatch?

  • We’re your local guys servicing Newcastle & the Central Coast regions.
  • At Coastwide Gazebos & Bali Huts we only use quality materials; Alang Alang thatching installed at 80mm or 60mm spacing for waterproofing.
  • Once your Bali Hut has a refreshed thatch roof it will improve insulation, potentially cooling by 5-10 degrees when the temps reach into the 30s.
  • Add value to your home & gain more use out of your outdoor area again.
  • At Coastwide Gazebos & Bali Huts we currently have a sale running to beat the summer rush…10% off all Bali Hut rethatching.
Kilaben Bay thatched roof Bali Hut

You may have heard the saying “Summer bodies are made in Winter” well the same applies for your Bali Hut!!

As the year progresses & the weather warms up, more of our customers will be thinking about their outdoor entertaining again & redoing their neglected yards ready for the warmer months of Spring & Summer.
Our usual lead time is 4-6 weeks though during busy periods this may become extended. We’re already into the new financial year so with the first day of Spring only 9 weeks away now is your time to act!

You may be receiving a lovely ‘gift’ from the tax man otherwise we have finance available TAP.

Let us know the size of your Bali hut and we can quote you over the phone – call Paul on 1300 101 579 today for your 10% discount.